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Update – September 2, 2010: The Institute for Energy Research has published a new study on coal. American Energy Freedom Center Chairman George Allen commented, “Very good analysis and comparison to our major competitor China.”

To read the full study, visit the Institute for Energy Research.

*NOTE: Energy sources are representative of U.S. electricity percentages and do not indicate the exact locations of their use. Source: The Energy Information Administration (EIA).



oil shale reserves

While the social engineers in Washington and the United Nations want to burden American families and businesses with taxes on CO2 that will cause skyrocketing electricity, fuel and gas prices and outsourcing of jobs to China, India, Mexico and other countries– note that 95 % of CO2 is naturally occurring and forms the basis of all plant, animal and human life here on Earth.

According to data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), anthropogenic carbon emissions comprise 4.02% of total carbon flux to the atmosphere.

Anthropogenic (human) carbon flux to atmosphere = 7.2+1.6 = 8.8 billion metric tons carbon/year
Natural carbon flux to atmosphere = 119.6+90.6 = 210.2 billion metric tons carbon/year
Percent of anthropogenic carbon to total carbon flux to atmosphere = 8.8/(210.2+8.8) = 4.02%


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  1. Jeri Turley-Pennybaker says:

    I think Al Gore needs to invest in some really speedy running shoes! I keep wondering if he can be prosecuted for perpetrating a fraud upon the American people. He’s a liar. I’m sick about the damage he has done to how Americans are viewed in the world.

    I favor former Governor Palin’s energy ideas. Clean coal, natural gas and start drilling for oil of our own. And certainly the United States of America owes NO ONE money for the agreements drawn up in Copenhagen. I did not agree to this use of tax dollars. Who did Obama think he was up there promising away our dollars for unsubstantiated carbon footprints. Here’s a footprint up your behind sir.

  2. Audri DeBsrr says:

    Drill Baby Drill.

  3. jr says:

    Grief – we are being scared over every little
    thing from Tsunami, schools lock down, climate, ’severe’ weather every time it rains
    This is manipulation city. Yet we hear little
    about the real problems- like why health costs go up and up but nobody explains what the causes are. Or why the Credit Default Swap market increased by 500 times in 10 years.
    Also, for intermittent energy – it might make
    more sense to bring the work to where the
    windmills are than trying to connect them to
    the grid, and ditto for solar.

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